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Jun 19, 2012 7:30pm EDT
quote most efficient solar modules or wind turbines come out of the u.s. and be world leaders because it is a world market. >> let's jump to the audience.
Jun 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
multinational sea bed authority which is effectively a un agency instead of the u.s. congress through our foreign aid or the world bank of which we are members. if a treaty were to be ratified, they would receive a permanent seat on the council of the authority. it would not be accountable to the american people more than any other un agency is accountable. it must be akaged that the united nations has a poor record in administering the programs. the un oil for food program was a multibillion dollar scandal. businesses as the chairman and the ranking member have indicated have expressed support for the treaty. it would provide greater certainty which i agree could be helpful. i was in business for 20 years and there is no question that they make that argument and it's a valid one. it needs to be consider and weighed. the most persuasive argument for the law in my view is the u.s. navy's desire to lock in navigation rights and it's correct that the treaty would provide benefits and principals and making it easier to resolve certain disputes. the navy has done quite well for the past 200 ye
Jun 6, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. chairman. >>> coming up on c-span 3. a senate confirmation hearing for the nominee to be the u.s. ambassador to iraq. then a house oversite subcommittee hearing on fracking after that state health insurance exchanges. they were part of the president's health care law. and later, a house subcommittee meeting on the transportation security administration's inspection program for freight, rail, mass transit and highways. >>> this is c-span 3 with politics and public affairs programming throughouted week. and every weekend, 48 hours of people and events telling the american story on american hitry tv. get our schedules and see pat programs on our websites. and you can you join in the conversation on social media sites. >>> coming up thursday morning on c-span 3. ben bernanke testifies before the joint economic committee about the economic outlook and the feds efforts to improve the economy. that's live at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span3. >> they're often referred to as the conscious of the congress. and after almost two years, i can't think of a better name. it's really the heart
Jun 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the treaty would be a boom to the u.s. economic growth by providing american companies with the legal certainty and the stability that they need to hire and invest. it would codify the u.s. legal rights international shipping lanes and delay and service under water cables and to develop vast amounts of oil, natural gas and minerals off the u.s. coast and in the deep water sea bed. the treaty would benefit several industries keen to economic growth, job creation and u.s. competitiveness. it would benefit the energy industry by providing sovereign rights to seabed resources' 200 miles off our coast. if certain geological criteria are met, the zone of the sovereignty could extend to 600 miles or the so-called extended continental shelf. proper delineation of the extended continental shelf could bring an additional 4.1 million square miles of ocean floor under u.s. sovereign rights, an area larger than the lowest -- than the lower 48 states. the treaty would also allow the u.s. to have a u.s. expert elected to the international body that determines the claims in the arctic and there are g
Jun 11, 2012 8:00am PDT
, the daughter of cuban president roh castro. she calls on the u.s. to release five prisoners in the u.s. who have been accused of spying on u.s.. we also talked about her fight for gay rights in cuba. she is a leading gay rights activist on the island. and then, will the real terrorist please stand up? >> what they do to us? they were disobedient in our hemisphere and they did not ask permission to take away property. they took away. they nationalized property. the u.s., on the one hand, has never forgiven them. >> saul landau on the history of the cuban five. today, they are allowed to live freely in the u.s. all that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has ordered new restrictions on airstrikes targeting alleged militants hiding in residential homes. the directive prompted the afghan government to claim the u.s.-led occupation force has agreed to stop bombing residential areas and homes altogether, but u.s. officials say that the attacks will continue, now under stricter guidelines. t
Jun 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. iranian officials and diplomats from six world powers, including the u.s., met over two days. but all sides say significant gaps remain. iran is facing pressure to halt uranium enrichment and shut down a nuclear facility, while iran wants an end to u.s. and european union-backed sanctions. the eu is set to impose an oil embargo on iran beginning july 1st. on tuesday, the parties agreed to reconvene in turkey early next month to decide from there on whether to continue the talks. taliban militants have launched new attacks on afghan and nato military bases in afghanistan. eleven fighters struck military outposts in kandahar province with all of them losing their lives in the ensuing gun battle. four afghan officers and a foreign contractor were also killed in the attacks. pakistan is facing a political crisis after a supreme court ruled the country's prime minister is ineligible to hold office. on tuesday, the pakistani justices said the prime minister was disqualified from the post after he was convinced -- convicted of contempt in april for refusing to reopen fraud investigations aga
Jun 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT
sustainable level. the focus and allow the u.s. to regain clean energy investment dollars in 2011. that said, it's unlikely that the u.s. will top the table in 2012. as policy appears to be particularly in the wind sector. finally, i would like to address the question of what is next for chinese clean energy companies. as the industry cools at home, many are now seeking opportunities abroad. china has a surplus of savings and a strong need for further investment to drive the economic growth, including more investment overseas. as government has encouraged the clean energy industry to do this. chinese solar companies have exploited their equipment to germany, the united states, and elsewhere for years. the chinese wind turbine and other clean tech investors have remained confined to the domestic market. in coming months, we anticipate chinese power companies and banks developing and clean energy problems abroad. not only in the united states but in europe and in emerging markets, particularly in latin america. at the same time, american and european clean companies continue to sell their prod
Jun 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to determine the value of the u.s. continental shelf. as such, if the u.s. concedes to the convention, it will be making an open-ended commitment to transfer incalcuable sum. we know the following fact. exceeding could expose the united states to baseless lawsuits. they are full-time, not subject to appeal and are enforceable in the united states. finally, in regard to u.s. rights to mine the deep seabed we know the following facts. pursuant to u.s. law, long standing u.s. policy and customary international law, u.s. persons and corporations have the right to explore and exploit the deep seabed regardless of whether or not the united states is a part. these are the facts. collectively they indicate there are real costs and foreseeable risks that the u.s. will undertake if it joins the convention. proponents claim there are no costs whatsoever. the u.s. will only enjoy benefits for membership. if only the u.s. would join the convention, everything would work out just fine. in light of the facts, i believe it's the proponents claims that are based in methodology and bl
Jun 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
team. what's they? >> the actually that somewhateme court u.s. obama's health dampen now, u.s. day of choppy trade. d down but off theirlows. dow jonesh of at02. we're goingramin mellegar tokyo stock all of this in ad economic dts opened at some of figures whi markets opened. coming at. that's a slightly fr in april. was down for theour we producti at minus 3.1%. a row declines look at the knee cake x are kickingrning. indexes trading the 755.. health caound like it only mark but big amount of biggest sec economy which i care. rers traded to track the pharmaceuticals in takada which have major the u.s. and sell drugs there. just the u.s. fda approved for crucial focus there. the autoumbers for here yesterday.y showed a of those production may. well.mesticlso might subsidies run out inalso you the s yen does domestic autos here into overseas ai? >> well, yen,horics trad watching develop summit fairing factor we've been following the strong t the euro almost three-week lows the eu summit wraps u today. markets for anythi in are high. aiat spain
FOX News
Jun 28, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote billion. that's coming from new york times. >> a lot more. >>> the air bus factory. the u.s. is getting an air bus factory. >> boeing rival air bus is setting up stocks in mobile alabama to make the jet. this is a popular plane american, all orders the a 320. they use it. maybe we could hire some
Jun 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
's work as well as their work upon confirmation and also, of course, u.s. policy in each of the countries. let me go through a little bit about each place first. in iraq the picture, of course, is mixed. nearly six months after the redeployment of u.s. troops from the country we know that political and ethic divisions remain sharp as iraq recovers from years and years of war. the current government took months to establish in 2010 and a high degree of mistrust still exists among key political factions. iraqis and americans have sacrificed greatly to support the democratic process in iraq. at this critical time we should continue to support the political reconciliation among key parties in the country as they work to deepen the democratic process. this unsettled political environment exists among a very precarious security situation where groups are capable of and launched significant attacks in the country. just last week six bombs killed at least 17 people, mostly in neighborhoods. on monday a suicide bomber killed at least 26 people in baghdad and wounded more than 190 in an attack on t
Jun 4, 2012 9:30pm EDT
is iran/u.s. relations. i believe this issue plays a very, very important role on the nuclear issue. that's why i believe always i have mentioned iran and the u.s., they need to have a direct talk in parallel with nuclear talks between iran and the p 5 plus 1. and issue number eight is impartiality of the iaea. after eight, nine years working on iranian nuclear case, at the end he said during my time at the agency, we have not seen a shred of evidence that iran has been weaponizing. just right after the u.s. cable revealed by the wikileaks set amano is in the u.s. court specifically on the u.s./iranian issue and alleged military studies of iranian music clear issue. amano focused on the possibility that i mentioned. and the iranians, they have a feeling that more conversation they have had with the iaea, more sabotage, more covert action, assassination of the nuclear scientists. this is a big issue for the iranian side. and my ninth point, the last point also tom mentioned, for iran is extremely important to see the end of the state. the u.s. p 5 plus 1 -- not the p 5 plus 1, because the
Jun 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. demanding that u.s. fight vessels or ships registered in the united states. the second is eliminating monitized food aid, a program that the united states gives de vries or wheat or what have you. american agricultural products. they earned from the sale of those commodities and to offset the cost of distributing food aid. the third is cutting agricultural subsidies that largely favor producers such as monsanto or other large agricultural producers in our country. the fourth is removing limitations on local and regional procurement of food aid. it's american products produced here and shipped overseas. that's wasteful and expensive. the fifth is eliminating earmarks on foreign aid programs which really does limit flexibility and makes it difficult for the foreign 88 decision makers and they are important to make in the time of crisis as changing continues are involved. those are some issues that could develop the effectiveness. to hear what others think about this, i want to end with a story. it's easy to forget that they are human faces attached. i want to tell you the story of eliza
Jun 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
committee that would be affected. testifying were representatives of the u.s. chamber of commercial, the national association of manufacturers and verizon. this is two hours. >> hearing will come to order. thank you very much for being here this morning. needless to say, capitol hill is filled with a little bit of anticipation about the supreme court decision sport hortly and are going to prove that we can continue to do the nation's business not withstanding that anticipation. i'm delighted to have this very significant panel of business leaders here this morning. to talk about further help us evaluate and think about the law of the sea treaty. i want to say a couple of words at the beginning to put in perspective why we are here. i was -- i've been accused of many different reasons i just read something the other day in the papers about why this treaty is sort of here, and what it p represents et cetera. i think everybody has kind of got it wrong so far. i was actually ought to beginner with tom donahue maybe a year and a half ago or so and we were talking been a number of thing
Jun 28, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in the u.s. that upheld president obama's health care bill, that actually worked to dampen sentiment. now, u.s. markets had a day of choppy trade. the dow jones actually finish down but off their daily lows. dow jones closing down one-fifth of a percent at 12,602. we're going to go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. how are markets taking all of this in? >> lots to take in ai. we had economic data also before the markets opened here. let's have a look at some of the key economic figures which came out just before the stock markets opened. we had unemployment rate coming at 4.4%. that's an improvement slightly from 4.6% in april. also cpi was down 0.1% for the first decline in four months. we also had industrial production, which came at minus 3.1%. and that's two months in a row now that we've seen declines. so let's have a look at the knee ca nikkei and the topix are kicking off this friday morning. yes. 8,821. so both indexes trading lower there. the topix at 755. now, recording the u.s. health care bill, it may sound like it only matters to the u.s. markets, but the ruling
Jun 14, 2012 8:00am PDT
. u.s. officials backing off claims russia sent new shipments of attack helicopters to aid the syrian regime's crackdown on opposition rebels. tuesday, hillary clinton accused russia of supplying the aircraft in what amounted to the harshest criticism of u.s. to russia's syria ties today. but on wednesday, the obama administration acknowledged the helicopters were likely sent back from syria to russia for routine repairs months ago and were now just in return. a senior pentagon official told "new york times" that clinton -- russian foreign minister accused u.s. of hypocrisy saying -- despite the partial retraction, clinton continued with their criticism of russian wednesday. >> russia says it wants peace and stability restored. it says it has no particular love lost for al-assad, and it also claims to have vital interest in the region and relationships that it wants to continue to keep. they put all of that at risk if they do not move more constructively right now. i would emphasize that the united states has provided no military support to the syrian opposition. none. >> a bahrain ap
Jun 14, 2012 10:30pm EDT
for the u.s. the main point being that, let's not forget we're outperforming the energy by a wide margin. thank you. >> well, thank you very much. let me start with a few questions. this analogy to what was done with sematech i think is an intriguing one. my recollection of that experience was that the industry itself, the semiconductor firms themselves and others came to washington and basically said we need -- we need to do this. we want to do this. we need government assistance to help us get started and we did that at the same time, the original members are u.s. companies. i think nac applied for membership and was not permitted to be a member at that time. was my recollection. i guess what i'm now sort of struggling with is, if there were to be con sor sha of companies to pursue their technology in other areas, how do we go about identifying that organization, is there a critical mass of energy that are u.s. based or that have operations in the united states that would want to do such a thing? i guess those are some obvious questions. mr. wolff, do you have thoughts on it? >> just t
Jun 14, 2012 6:00am PDT
>>> osprey grounded. japanese leaders say they'll wait to approve the deployment of a u.s. aircraft after another crash raises concerns. welcome nhk "newsline." japanese authorities want to know what went wrong at an air base in the u.s. before they allow a new american aircraft to fly in their skies. an osprey crashed wednesday in florida. five crew members were hurt. u.s. air force investigators are looking into the accident. american military officials say the cv-22 osprey went down during a routine training mission at the hurlburt field air force installation. u.s. marines plan to deploy 24 ospreys in okinawa, but they are expected to use a different model, the mv-22. ospreys combine the features of a plane and helicopter and can take off and land vertically. the u.s. air force and marines use them. two american marines died in april when an osprey crashed during a drill in morocco. u.s. authorities blamed human error for that accident. japanese leaders are now awaiting the results of the investigation into the florida crash. they say until they have them, they'll postpone proce
Jun 17, 2012 8:30pm PDT
as a kid, i think i was 16. and the u.s. amateur was getting ready to be played and that was excited for me to play the course on a that the band was on so the olympics have always had a special place in mier heart. the course. conditions, the weather, everythingbility it. lots of good memories. when the u.s. open was coming back there, i had lots of positives with on certainly a lot of positive memories about going there and playing so i was looking forward to it probably more so than any other u.s. open. >> despite his positive outlook it was stuart that jumped out as early leader and he never looked back. stewart was in command, going to bed each night with a three through the first flee the rounds. he took a four-stroke lead in the final round. earlier, janssen started to fire and stewart misfired and he experiences bad luck. on the 12th hole, stewart hit a perfect t shoelt in the fairway but it landed in a sand-divot. >> when stewart hit t. and joon seven would have taken the lead and finished his round with a one-stroke advantage as he waited apparently in the clubhouse. he had his la
Jun 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the state department has been taking control of the u.s. fish -- are i commissioned since khan brett troops left. witnesses include the acting state department inspector general as well as stuart bowen been correct nationally appointed special inspector general for iraq reconstruction. this house oversight subcommittee hearing on foreign operations is about 90 minutes. >> the committee will come to order. i would like to begin this by hearing by stating the oversight hearing mission statement. americans have the right to know their money in washington is well spent. and second americans deserve efficient effective government that works for them. our duty is to protect these rights. are some responsibilities to hold government accountable and taxpayers have a right to know what they get from the government. we will work tirelessly in partnership with citizen watchdogs to deliver the facts to the american people and bring genuine reforms to the federal bureaucracy. this is the mission of the oversight government reform. let me start at the outset here and i appreciate you all being here. the
Jun 28, 2012 8:30pm EDT
living secretary of state and the joint chiefs. senate approval is imperative to expand u.s. territory beneath the oceans to develop new com i interests and create jobs. i thank you for allowing me to share these obvious comments. the bottom line is simple. the benefits are all to accrue to this country and to our economy and we ought to move forward on it. thank you much, mr. chairman. >> thank you very much. for very clear testimony, we approa appreciate it. mr. gerard? >> thank you mr. chairman, and senator lugar, it is a please your to be here today. mr. chairman, we need to thank tom for this cop opportunity as well. is that right. on be hafhalf of 0 the companied the millions of men and women who work in the natural oil and gas industry, we appreciate the opportunity to testify on the treaty. we agree with secretary of state hillary clinton and former secretary of state conoleeza rice. that joining the law of the sea convention is truly in the best interest of the united states. today the u.s. relies on oil and natural gas for over 60% of all of the energy that we cons
Jun 6, 2012 2:30pm EDT
last five u.s. ambassadors to iraq. as with ambassador john neg gra possibility any july 2004. nearly eight years later i was with ambassador jim jeffrey as he led the challenges transition from military to civilian lead for the first time since the toppling the saddam hussein. also rode along side military commanders, including generals petraitis, ode eros and austin. this is only because of the leadership of these individuals, the more than 1 million american whose served there including nearly 4,500 hoon paid the ultimate price. like too many americans i have lost friends in iraq. if confirmed, i will do everything in my power, using all the tools of our foreign poems to build a lasting partnership with iraq worthy of their memory and sacrifice. i believe such a partnership is possible and, however, we are not there. there is so much the u.s. must do to mitigate risks of back-sliding and increased risks for consolidating the risks we've seen since the worst periods of the war. iraq is slowly emerging from decades of war isolation and dictatorship. more recently faced now wi
Jun 6, 2012 5:30pm EDT
before you today as president obama's nominee to be u.s. ambassador to iraq. i am grateful for the confidence placed in me. i look forward to working close with all of you. i have had the privilege of serving along side each of the last five u.s. ambassadors to iraq. in july 2004 raised the american flag to open the embassy in baghdad for the first time since 1991. eight years later i was with jeffrey as he led for the first time since the topping. i have served along side our military commanders. the opportunities that are now before us in iraq exist only because of the leadership of these individuals and more than 1 million americans who have served there including nearly 4,500 who have paid the ultimate price. like too many americans i have lost friends in iraq. if confirmed i will do everything in my power drawing all the tools of our foreign policy to build a lasting policy with iraq worthy of their memory and sacrifice. i believe such a partnership is possible and i believe we are not there yet. there is so much the u.s. must do to mitigate risks and increase prospect
Jun 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
willing to resume peace talks with u.s. negotiators but first he says the obama administration needs to make good on its agreemen thbendheces talks between the two sides have been stalled since march. din hads a member of the taliban's political bureau and represents the group in peace talks with the u.s. he spoke with nhk tuesday during a si to kyoto. mohomed says he opening the discussions is not possible right now because the u.s. has not followed through wit eaie reen. one of them includes releasing taliban members in american custody. he says the taliban is ready to advance the dloef.s leaders show good faith. mohamed also spoke to nhk about thu. pn lveome of its troops in afghanistan after ending its combat mission in 2014. he argues all foreign troops bust leave the country. he says the tibanelieveshe presence of international soldiers has a negative impact on prospects for peace. >>> global leaders worry about european debt contagion. they're waking up to a new concern every morning. ai uchida from t business sk joins us now. what's the latest? >> catherine, it's only wednes
Jun 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
for a bank bailout as soon as this weekend. in the u.s., president obama calls on congress to pass his jobs plan. we will look at the president's scorecard on job creation. and does america's failing financial literacy hurt the economy? that and more tonight on "n.b.r." >> reporter: i'm erika miller in new york. all around the globe, investors will be paying close attention this weekend to see if spain requests billions to bailout its banks. many spanish banks are in trouble because of bad real estate loans. the country's unemployment rate is nearly 25%, making it increasingly difficult for many spaniards to pay their mortgages. if spain needs help, it would mark a new low in the european financial crisis. although greece, ireland and portugal have already received bailouts, spain's economy is much bigger. >> spain's debt is essentially bigger than all of the other three combined. and the other issue with spain, also, because of its size-- if a country as big as spain gets bailed out, then the question is who is next? >> reporter: there's no way of knowing how much spain could ask for in ai
Jun 23, 2012 4:13pm EDT
a humanitarian crisis because there is a nexus with our strategic interests in the u.s. we have seen terrible slaughter in somalia, in sudan. we are not having the first conversation about that situation. and those people's lives are worth just as much as the syrians. we are having this conversation because of the strategic dynamic. the issue is not that i think we should not do things about slaughter. the issue is that i think the military action in this contest is likely to be very violent. there is likely to be a lot of collatal damage. it is a much denser society than in libya. most of the killing is being done with -- by men with ak- 47's. those are hard people to bomb. it is hard to stop the slaughter in a small division -- a small village when the killing is being done with knives and power tools. >> i think we should stop it more for interest to region -- interest reasons. the fact that we did not have this discussion with sudan or somalia reflects negatively on us, not necessarily on whether we should not be having this conversation. i think we should have been having t
Jun 17, 2012 11:00pm PDT
caused the leak. >>vicki: coming up, the 40 year anniversary of watergate and the u.s. open has wrapped up, gary radnich rep septa days golfing action of firefighters are slowly getting a grip on a massive fire in colorado. did >> today marks the 40th anniversary of the watergate scandal. on this date in 1972, five men broke into the democratic national committee at the watergate complex. in the u.s. supreme court for the nixon to resign. >>gary: back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] get a wireless receiver in time for the olympic games. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. rethink possible. >>vicki: their ran it has are highlights from the u.s. open. >>gary: the weather was the early story at the u.s. open furious fat-free very warm saturday for round three, fog the skies. tiger woods was feel
Jun 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
in coastal water shed counties. even though this area makes up only 17% of our u.s. land area. those counties support about $66 million jobs. so it's along the coastal areas. so now more than ever, we need to ensure that the blue economy is strong and growing. this morning i'll touch on three ways he can do that. first, we need to show off america's waters. so i grew up in portland, oregon, as a boy, i remember going with my father and my uncle down to the columbia river in the coast. while they would go out in the deep water to catch salmon, i would spend much of my day trying to fix the line on my little fishing pole. i was really into this. and then one summer when i -- in the years i was in high school, i got very excited about something and i worked as a camp counselor on the puget sound, and each week i took campers out, every week, campers out for three and four-day canoe trips. these were big trips, we thought. i'm sure that many of you have personal connections like that our waters and you cherish those memories that you made with friends and family. today it's time that we share tho
Jun 18, 2012 12:30am PDT
certainty to this marketplace. >> what's the impact on the u.s.? after greece will. >> eddie: there are bigger concerns as you mentioned in italy, spain, larger economies there. those countries are facing higher bond yields. that is making it more expensive for them to pay down their debt, and a sign of concern about the debt. are you expecting an impact on the u.s.? >> it has come through many channels. one channel is that the very dramatic slow down in europe into recession in many countries has led to a softening of commodity prices including oil and gas, and the u.s. is a net oil importer and there's an effect. another major effect is the running away of anything considered risky and running away from anything considered risky has been running into u.s. treasury debt. so we have interest rates on long term debt flirting at or at, depending on the hour you look, the lowest rates we have seen in 50 years. we have those two effects as basically positive, oddly enough, effects for the u.s. economy for growth. but we have europe, our second largest when you take it in it's ent
Jun 22, 2012 4:30pm PDT
of the big banks in the u.s. and europe isn't pretty, at least according to credit ratings firm moody's. it cut the credit ratings of six big u.s. banks late yesterday, months after warning it would do so. but investors mostly shrugged off the worries even though the action threatens to make banking more expensive for customers. suzanne pratt reports. >> reporter: of the five u.s. banks downgraded by moody's, citi, j.p. morgan chase and bank of america deal directly with consumers. today, people were still trying to figure out what the move means for them. >> i'm familiar with the issue. i just read the headline l+s1 night. i wasn't that concerned until now. >> yeah, it's kind of scary, like i wasn't expecting to hear that. >> actually, it doesn't really change anything. you're not really making any money. >> reporter: experts say there's no reason for consumers to fret about the safety of their money. what they should be watching is some companies have already estimated the downgrades will cost them billions of dollars. and, the banks might try to make up for the lost revenue by pas
Jun 5, 2012 8:00am PDT
>> it really seems to have changed. there were a number of incidences -- last year was a bad year for u.s. drone strikes in pakistan. >> will speak with chris woods of the bureau of investigative journalism. the lake jan karski in his own words, the polish diplomat came to the u.s. to warn president roosevelt about the horrors of the nazi holocaust read last week, he was awarded posthumously the presidential medal of freedom. >> what is happening to the jews is unprecedented. they do not realize, all of the jews will be murdered in this world. the decided to murder the jews, regardless of the outcome of the world. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. wisconsin voters head to the polls today for a historic recall election targeting republican governor scott walker. the recall effort was launched last year after walker stripped public sector unions of their collective bargaining rights and reduce their benefits. the race between walker and his democratic opponent, milwaukee mayor tom barrett, is expected to
Jun 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
brought upon by the 2007 financial crisis has wiped out two decades of wealth for the average u.s. household. according to the federal reserve, the median u.s. family's net worth declined nearly 40% by 2010 to $77,300, roughly the same level it was in 1992. middle income families saw largest decline in wealth. the collapse of the housing market played a key role, with some home values dropping 42% between 2007 and 2010. the u.n. is warning of new dangers to syrian civilians as the regime of president bashar al-assad escalates attacks on embattled areas and syrian rebels target government forces and infrastructure. u.n. observers have witnessed syrian forces attacking towns with a new display of air power as well as syrian rebels intensifying operations against government targets. a spokesperson for the u.n. observer mission in syria said civilians are increasingly trapped in the crossfire. >> the report the use of heavy artillery and mortar shellings as well as firing from helicopters, machine guns, and small arms. also the u.n. observers reported they captured members of soldiers
Jun 6, 2012 4:30pm EDT
for david maraniss on c-span2's book tv. >>> commerce secretary john bryson now on the ocean's role in the u.s. economy. he says the u.s. should join the law of the sea treaty defining the rights and responsibilities of nations in international waters. it's part of the national marine sanctionwear foundation's conference. this is 20 minutes. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome to the 12th annual capitol hill ocean week. it's wonderful to see many familiar faces. it's equally wonderful to see many unfamiliar faces. i want to invite those who are joining us for the first time. my name is jason patlis. i'm the president and ceo of the national marine sanctuary foundation. to kick off the month, president barack obama officially declared june as national oceans month the other day. and as he seems to do year in and year out, he once again foreshadowed a lot of the things we'll be discussing over the next few days. in his proclamation, the president asked us to, and i quote, celebrate our heritage as a seafaring nation. and that is what this year is all about, how we're fundamentally a maritime na
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